Liberty Memorial, Kansas

Places to see in Kansas

Kansas is an American state which used to be home of many tribes. The state got the name Sunflower State for high sunflower production over the years.

Kansas's Wichita is Air Capital of the World. Missouri is yet another important city of the state. The climate of Kansas varies from humid continental to semi-arid steppe to humid subtropical. Kansas has state parks, museums, breweries and many other places to attract tourists. You can have unlimited fun and excitement doing myriad things and seeing places here. No other state's destination matches with the uniqueness of places to see in Kansas. Though it was not very popular tourist destination earlier but today tourism in Kansas is like no other.

Places to see in Kansas

Flint Hills

The narrow region, Flint Hills in east-central Kansas is laden with the prairie grasslands, wide sweeping hills, and many species of wild animals. The beautiful scenery, setting sun, flowers and serenity of nature in Flint Hills captures everyone's attention.

Underground Salt Museum

Hutchinson is well-known for its salt-mining. Underground Salt Museum is one of the 15 active salt mines in United States. Visitors go 650 feet deep down in an elevator to reach the cavern. Before entering the mine museum everyone has to wear white hat and breathing device. The mine tunnels of approximately 67 miles can be navigated in the trams there. It is a guided tour of 40 minutes; children below 4 years are not recommended to take this tour.

National World War I Museum

The National World War I Museum is located in Missouri at Liberty Memorial. It is the American museum that preserves the memorabilia of First World War. The complex uses interactive method to enliven history along with the collection of artifacts.

Rock City

Rock City, Minneapolis is the 300 yards land covered with two hundred rounded rocks of varying sizes. This Dakota Sandstone rock formation is the one of its kind in the world. The view of green rolling hills and cultivated fields from Rock City is stunning.

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock State Park is situated in rural Ellsworth County- Kanopolis. The Park is name so because of some rocks that resembles twenty feet high mushrooms growing from the prairie. This State Park is spread in a five-acre area.

Garden of Eden

This garden is a peculiar patch of limestone buildings and sculptures. It was developed by S.P. Dinsmoor in Lucas in early twentieth century. Garden of Eden displays the scenes from the holy Bible, odd political statements and dancing children.

Kansas Cosmo sphere and Space Center

This museum of Hutchinson exhibits the well preserved collection of artifacts coupled with the Russian Space Program. While on an exploring trip to Kansas Cosmo sphere and Space Center one will have an opportunity to see Apollo 13, SR-71 Blackbird etc.

Fort Scott National Historic Site

Bourbon County's Fort Scott National Historic Site is a historic area protected by United States National Park Service. There are 20 historic structures. The site offers awesome view of these 20 historic structures and five acres of prairie grassland.