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Places to see in Iowa

Iowa is a culturally rich historic place in America. The state is basically based on agriculture; it mainly grows corn. On one hand the state has fascinating array of historic settlements along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers whereas on the other hand the hospitality of culturally rich towns greet everyone.

Expectedly the state gained its name from the Native American tribe Ioway. Iowa houses many museums and art galleries too. A lot of activities can be enjoyed like watch in an opera or theatrical performance and get involved in sporting events. You are sure that you will find everything that entertains people of all ages here and this is what that attracts tourists. This article introduces you with some must see places in Iowa.

Places to see in Iowa

Living History Farms

Iowa is best place to see agriculture affect on America. The five farms of living history farms are an interesting place to walk through. Living History Farms spread in 243 hectares were founded in 1970.These farms are a kind of open-air museum where you see not only the abundant livestock and harvests but also the working of farm.

The story of Midwestern agriculture during different periods- the Ioway Indian Village, the Pioneer Farm, the Town of Walnut Hill, and the Horse-Powered Farm is narrated as well woven chronicle. The models are exhibited around farms or towns. These models reenact daily routine of early Iowans. Tractors carry visitors all through the different farms.

Crystal Lake Cave

Crystal Lake Cave is the longest alive cave in Iowa. There is an interesting story behind the foundation of this cavern which goes as-

Way back in 1868 the lead miners dug 40 feet deep under the earth in search of a lead vein. But all in vain! While looking for the lead vein fortunately they found something more amazing- THE CRYSTAL LAKE CAVE!

Salisbury House:

Salisbury House is a beautiful castle modeled after King's House in England. This 42 room mansion is an ideal place as a venue for lavish wedding. One's wedding at this wonderful castle will make the event memorable to everybody.

Des Moines Botanical Center

This Botanical Center is heaven! The center has flowers from varied regions and seasons, trees and shrubs.

The Des Moines Botanical Center was opened in 1979 on 14-acre land. The botanical garden has tracks that grow beds of varied native and foreign plants; conifers and deciduous trees; rose gardens and herb gardens. Seasonal plants and flowers; pond with goldfish, catfish, and turtles indoors are the attraction for visitors.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

The museum holds huge collection of works by wonderful artists like Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and many more.

The mansion Brucemore Estate in the Cedar Rapids area is among one of the focal points for entertainment. The gorgeous gardens and this stunning old home are worth seeing.

The History Center is an added attraction to Cedar Rapids which is truly spectacular. The beginning of Mercy Medical Center and collection of many numerous historical artifacts are found here.