Illinois Travel


Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois has some wonderful attractions. Traveling to the state of Illinois gives great many possibilities in the way of sightseeing or activities.


One of the most popular places to see is Chicago. The most well known attractions, though, include the Adler Planetarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Brookfield Zoo, the Chicago Children's Museum, the Chicago Cultural Center, The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, the Museum of Science and Industry, and many more. Chicago also has a few well-known sports teams, like the Chicago White Sox, the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Wolves,

Millennium Park:

The most sophisticated outdoor concert venues in the world. This 24-acre Park has a mixture of many new art creations, an ice skating rink, free classical presentations of the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus, the fabulous Jay Pritzker Pavilion, al fresco dining, unique art, architecture and landscape designs.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum:

There are story-telling, holographic displays, museum guides, plays, and more that bring out the history and significant events of Abraham Lincoln's life and how it affected the nation today. It has special activities for children, called Mrs. Lincoln’s Attic, a special effects theater in it, that present some of Lincoln's highlights of his presidential career.


The bones of a young Tyrannosaurus Rex - named Jane - which is about half the size of an adult can find here. Her fully restored skeleton is 21 feet long. This exhibit also contains a full-size T.Rex skeleton (40-feet), along with the skeleton of a Triceratops. State of the art technology creates landscapes of the era, displays that show how forces in the earth are still changing our world, plate tectonics, world and regional geology, and much more


This special park of 2,000 acres brings unexpected creatures like cougar, bison, elk, black bear, wolves, otters, and many more. There is also a Pioneer Farmstead here showing the various instruments, a log cabin, farm animals, and even a one-room schoolhouse.


Illinois is also the home of one of the oldest and best restored towns in the United States – Nauvoo. It was once the temporary home of the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

Willis (Sears) Tower

Soaring at 1,450 feet, Willis Tower (formally Sears Tower) is one of the world's tallest buildings. It affords a jaw-popping view of the city, with a thrilling elevator ride to the top as a bonus. This building was designed by architect Bruce Graham and engineer Fazlur Khan. Its elegant exteriors are covered with stainless aluminum and glass. It really is a triumph of engineering, imagination and ingenuity.

Other attractions include its elevators, which can go up and down for as fast as 1,600 feet a minute. The 70-second elevator ride will take one to the 103rd floor observatory post-haste. From this lofty vantage point, one can see Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Illinois on a clear day. This means a visibility of up to 50 miles. There is an "It's the Sears Tower" petition going on for Chicago's people to express their wish to maintain the historic name of Sears tower.

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