Georgia Stone Mountain Park

Places to see in Georgia

The historic country of Georgia is the largest state in the east of Mississippi. There is diverse landscape but mountains are the prominent landform in Georgia. The country is divided into eastern and western parts by Likhi Mountain Range.

The climate of Georgia is extremely diverse and is home to many species of animals. It is also worth a place to see.

Tourist attractions in Georgia

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta Georgia is prime attraction not only children but everyone. It has thousands of different species of seawater animals which we normally don't get a chance to see.

Underground Atlanta

Underground Atlanta is a must see place for every visitor. The area has shops for giving visitors shopping experience and also good restaurants to offer cozy places to eat with your family. The Georgian culture is clearly visible in the underground Atlanta.

Stone Mountain Park

It's adventurous and fun to be at Stone Mountain Park any day! Many activities can be enjoyed in this park; the spectacular laser light show, rides, feast on good food while shopping, plied events, Riverboat Cruise and if you want to add up some more adventure, you can even climb the mountain in the centre of the park. One can also look out for lodging facility available here.

Atlanta Zoo

Zoo makes children go crazy! Zoo Atlanta is not just a zoo meant for entertainment but it is a leading institution in gorilla research. People can have the opportunity of watching lives of silverbacks making their home at the zoo, the gorilla babies and their daily routines. You can also enjoy rock climbing in the zoo.

Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Chastain Park is the place to make your evening beautiful. In a summer evening the soothing pacifies one's soul and let him dance all through the night. With the capacity to hold over 6,000 people, a table and picnic basket it is a tourist attraction in Georgia.

Fox Theatre

Fox theatre is famous worldwide. It gives culture its best take in Atlanta. Fox theatre is a place to see for every art lover. It stages many fabulous plays, music, and more on an amazing stage in a comfortable atmosphere.

Centennial Olympic park

The serene environment of the park lets you find the peace and calmness within. You would surely enjoy the area and will relax. Centennial Olympic park sprawls in 21 acres where you will enjoy the commemorative bricks, artwork, Fountain of the Rings, memorials and quilt plazas.

Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain

This is indeed a major tourist attraction in Georgia. This 500-acre of land area is home to many animals. Thousands of people come here every year and they touch many of the animals and even feed them.

River Walk

The River Walk is pathway of old cobblestones along the Savannah River. Many interesting things goes on here every day; sometimes there is a saxophone player, sometimes some man showing magic of making roses out of palm leaf. People sit on the there and watch the people walking by or the fore mentioned activities or admire the river. There are many shops and restaurants to tickle your taste buds on the River Walk.