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There are fun, interesting, and exciting things to see and do in Kansas - the Sunflower State! Kansas has unique destinations implausible to be found anywhere else. From its own Garden of Eden to big balls of twine; Kansas tourism places are like no other.

Flint Hills

The Flint Hills is a narrow region of east-central Kansas consists of prairie, wide sweeping hills with rocky outcroppings, and a variety of wildlife species. The Flint Hills offers beautiful landscapes, sunsets, wildflowers, and the peacefulness of nature.

Underground Salt Museum, Hutchinson

Hutchinson is well-known for its salt-mining. Visitors first climb in an elevator for the 65-story ride down, then view most of the mine riding on a tram. View what the museum bills as "The World's Oldest Living Organism" or the vehicles used to navigate the approximately 67 miles of mine tunnels.

The big well, Greensburg

This is World's Largest Hand Dug Well.

Rock City, Minneapolis

One can see two hundred rounded rocks of varying sizes in a three hundred yard area. This Dakota Sandstone rock formation is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world. During the summer, the view from Rock City includes green rolling hills and cultivated fields.

Mushroom Rock, Kanopolis

Mushroom Rock State Park is situated in rural Ellsworth County. Some of these rocks resemble twenty feet high mushrooms growing from the grassy prairie in a five-acre area.

Garden of Eden, Lucas

This bizarre garden of limestone buildings and sculptures was created by S.P. Dinsmoor in the early twentieth century. View biblical scenes, odd political statements, and dancing children in different areas of yard.


This city is for the fans of the 34th president of the United States, which provides access to the boyhood home, gravesite, and a library named after Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Kansas Cosmo sphere and Space Center – Hutchinson

A visit to this museum allows one to explore the largest collection of artifacts associated with the Russian Space Program. Here, one will also encounter Apollo 13, as well as an SR-71 Blackbird.

Kansas Museum of History - Topeka

Here one will find out why this state museum has won so many awards.

Fort Scott National Historic Site

A visit to this site offers a look at 20 historic structures and the awesome view of five acres of tall grass prairie.

Davis Memorial

In Mt. Hope Cemetery, one will find the memorial that John Milburn Davis erected in honor of his wife, Sarah. The Italian marble statue is life-size and showcases exquisite detail and accuracy. This is the same memorial that has been mentioned in copies of Newsweek, Life, as well as in the TV series of Ripley's Believe It or Not.


The seasonal colors of Hiawatha are breathtaking, as one will encounter the largest city positioned on Route 36 that stretches from St. Joseph, Missouri to Denver Colorado.

Besides these Kansas also has significant frontier outpost of Fort Hays (where the buffalo soldiers roamed) or Augusta Theater to check out the large murals highlighting fascinating classical scenes.

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