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Travel Louisiana and check out exciting international interests. Louisiana Attractions are

Imperial Calcasieu Museum

It has been entertaining visitors for more than 45 years. At the museum, visitors will be able to find a number of exhibits and programs. One can see what a turn of the century kitchen looked like, as well as a parlor, a pharmacy, and even a barbershop. Many of the rooms feature life sized mannequins.

1978 Acadian Village

The Acadian village has been restored to its original condition by the residents of Lafayette, Louisiana. The land was being used as the LARC (Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens) when the group decided to make this site both a visitor destination and a spot where those with developmental disabilities were able to work and take pride in their accomplishments.

Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame

The Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame offers fun and education. Louisiana has a number of wonderful things for people to see and do.

Hodges Garden Paved Wilderness Area

It is a great place to relax and have a fun day with the family. One will be able to experience a variety of different plants, from trees and bushes to blossoming flowers and a whole lot more. Hiking trails, mountain biking and horseback riding, fishing, boating, and even camp are also attractions of the gardens.

State Library of Louisiana

The library has a wide collection of material from newspapers to government documents. The Louisiana section of the library is filled with historical information on the state.

National WWII Museum

This fabulous attraction illuminates the American experience during the era when life was so very difficult for so many. There are moving personal stories of the life of the people, historic artifacts and powerful interactive displays.

ABITA Beer – Abita Springs

This brewing company was started in 1986. They brew their product in small batches to make sure their quality meets their high standards. The brewery is privately owned and operated by local shareholders who are proud of the quality product that comes from this brewery.

Longue Vue House and Gardens

People come from all across the nation to the city of New Orleans for a variety of reasons. Some come to walk along the streets of the French Quarter, and others come to listen to great music and try great food. Mardi Gras is also a huge draw for the city.

Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo

Here one will find more than 500 animals from a variety of different species, as well as the zoo holds a number of different festivals and special events. Visitors can see many different types of furry, feathered and scaled creatures. Some of the animals are owls, geese, tarantulas, cottonmouth moccasins, warthogs, tigers, lemurs, lions, and a whole lot more.

North Louisiana Military Museum

It is home to more than 150 years of military history. It has artifacts from many of America’s major conflicts including the Spanish American War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, the Vietnam conflict, Desert Storm, and even through to today’s global war on terror.

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