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Iowa is a state that will fascinate with its array of things to see and experience. From historic settlements along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers to culturally rich towns that welcome one with genuine hospitality, to bustling cities alive with modern attractions and amenities. It is also famous for corn. The state is named after the Native American tribe Ioway, also known as the Baxoje people. Some must see places are:

Living History Farms

If some want to visit or live on a farm best place is Iowa town. The three working farms here have livestock and real crops so it is interesting to walk through and learn how the farm works and how agriculture affected America. 1875 town of Walnut Hill

One will see how a town functioned in 1875 with a general store, 14 homes, shops, drug stores, and other businesses.

Crystal Lake Cave

There is an interesting story behind this location. Back in 1868 lead miners were looking for a lead vein and they drilled 40 feet into the ground. And although they were not successful in finding the lead they had hoped for they did find something else even more amazing. What they found was Crystal Lake Cave. There is no other show cavern like Crystal Lake Cave and this is the longest a cave has been "alive" in Iowa.

Valley Junction

This great attraction is filled with antiques, gift shops, galleries, and great foods. They have various special events going on throughout the summer and fall months.

Iowa State Fair

This fair lasting nearly two weeks is famous for its numerous rides, games, agricultural exhibits, and musical entertainment.

Salisbury House:

This beautiful 42 room mansion is modeled after King's House in England. If one is looking for a wonderful castle to have wedding at, consider the Salisbury House.

Des Moines Botanical Center

This haven is for plant lovers! Featuring flowers from multiple regions and seasons, trees, shrubs and many other plant forms, this beautiful get-a-way will leave one breathless. Visit their gift shop to find colorful flowers, mementos, and treasures for flower lovers.

Brucemore Estate

This mansion is one of the focal points for major entertainment activities and tours in the Cedar Rapids area. One can visit the gorgeous gardens or take a tour of this stunning old home.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

The museum holds a large variety of wonderful artists. Some of the works included here are: Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and many more.

The History Center

This new addition to Cedar Rapids is truly spectacular. View exhibits like the Mercy Medical Center's beginning, as well as the numerous collections found here and hundreds of historical artifacts.

Czech Village

To find wonderful foods to feast upon, unique gift shops like The Gingerbread House, and lots of interesting history. One can also visit the Czech & Slovak Museum to find things like the type of clothing made and worn long ago, as well as various exhibits about the culture and way of life.

Science Station

At this extraordinary museum find hands on activities, exhibits and displays for the whole family. The Science Station holds exhibits on sound, light, computers, dinosaurs and much more.

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