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Places to see in Illinois

The American state Illinois is socially and culturally active as well. The populace of the state chiefly consists of about 30% Catholics and Protestants. Many of the US Presidents have some kind of association with Illinois. Firstly it is the Birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln, secondly Three of the U.S. Presidents, namely, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama have been elected while living in Illinois and then President Ronald Reagan too grew up in the state.

The official state slogan Land of Lincoln is adopted and displayed everywhere on license plates of Illinois.

Illinois has some breathtaking attractions including copious museums. Illinois is a musical country. It is a leader in music education. One of the largest professional music educator's organizations Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) is based in Illinois.


Chicago is the most popular city of Illinois. It has lot of places to see so it is always the first choice of tourists to visit in Illinois. Adler Planetarium, Art Institute of Chicago, Brookfield Zoo, Children's Museum, Cultural Center, The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry are the most well known attractions of Chicago.

Millennium Park:

This beautiful park is dedicatedly a venue for outdoor concert. This wonder spread in 24-acre is a mix of artistic creations, an ice skating rink and the fabulous Jay Pritzker Pavilion where classical performances are held.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum:

Everything in this museum tells the historical events related to the life of Abraham Lincoln. The holographic displays, museum guides and plays narrate how the happenings of Lincoln's life affect modern world. It has a special effects theater for children, called Mrs. Lincoln's Attic which features highlights of Lincoln's presidential career.


Rockford is a museum where 21 feet long skeleton of a young Tyrannosaurus Rex - named Jane; which is about half the size of an adult is exhibited. Here you can find a 40 feet skeleton of mature T.Rex skeleton and of a Triceratops as well. The entire place is developed by artistically created landscapes of the era.


Peoria is a special park stretching in 2,000 acres that is a home to many exclusive species of animals like cougar, bison, elk, black bear, wolves, otters, and many more. Pioneer Farmstead showcase various instruments, log cabin and schoolhouse are found here.


Nauvoo in Illinois is one of the oldest and best restored towns in the United States. It served as as temporary home of Church of Jesus Christ of erstwhile saints; the Mormons.

Willis (Sears) Tower:

The tall tower Willis Tower was earlier known as Sears Tower. Sears Tower is a blend of good engineering work and imagination. Its soaring height of 1,450 feet earns Willis Tower the reputation of one among the world's tallest buildings. This building designed by architect Bruce Graham and engineer Fazlur Khan presents nail-biting view of the city up to 50 miles. One can also enjoy thrilling elevator ride to the top from where Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin can also be seen. The tower is made up of stainless aluminum and glass.